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The Diary of Nathaniel Bryceson 1846

As promised here is the entry from Nathaniel Brycesons 1846 diary regarding his visit to St Lawrence’s church one Sunday afternoon. Sunday 20th September 1846 Started half past 7 o’clock for Edgware, where I arrived at half past ten.  First place went to – Whitchurch – strolled about the burial ground an hour, taking down … Continue reading

St Lawrence’s Church Whitchurch

Here are some pictures from my visit to St Lawrence’s church which I spoke about in the Canons Park post. This is the church which was rebuilt by The Duke of Chandos, although the tower on the left remains from the previous building circa 1360. Above you can see I tried to take a picture … Continue reading

The history of Canons Park

I have been meaning to start a new piece on this blog featuring some of my historical interests mixed with my amateur photography. Below is one of my favourite places on earth, Canons Park. Above you can see the view from the front of Canons Park looking towards the old 18th Century Mansion built by … Continue reading

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