Here are some pictures from my visit to St Lawrence’s church which I spoke about in the Canons Park post.

This is the church which was rebuilt by The Duke of Chandos, although the tower on the left remains from the previous building circa 1360.

Above you can see I tried to take a picture through 1 of the windows with little effect, but you can just about make out some of the chandeliers.

The picture above is from the north end of the building where the mausoleum of the Chandos family is inside.

At this end is also the 300 year old organ which Handel played every Sunday whilst he was resident at the nearby Cannons mansion in 1717-1719.

I came across something very interesting the other day, an 1846 diary entry from a young man’s visit to this church and in particular the mausoleum.

I will post the entry in the next blog.